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Trust Cleaner - Capret and Upholstery Cleaning Specialists

Our adventure with carpet and sofa cleaning began 30 years ago in Poland, where Mark started working as a technician in one of the first carpet cleaning companies for offices in Poland. In 2006, he moved to the UK, where he promptly established our company and immersed himself in the knowledge of carpet and fabric construction, becoming an expert in their cleaning and care.
Over the 18 years our company has been in existence, our industry has changed beyond recognition. There are increasingly newer and more powerful machines with unimaginable suction power and built-in steamers. Modern chemical solutions now easily tackle problems that used to be real nuisances. Everything has changed except for the problems our clients face.
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People - Our Strength

Trust Cleaner - fumily-run business

Trust Cleaner is a family business run by father and son, Mark and Tom. Both form the core of our company and share their extensive knowledge with others. Their professionalism and dedication are often recognised by our clients and are the main reasons for the success that our family business undoubtedly enjoys
It is not the machine, the latest and most powerful chemicals, or even a certificate of course completion that makes us true carpet cleaners. It requires a deep commitment to the comprehensive field of carpet and sofa cleaning. It takes years of experience, hard work, and dedication to helping people. Our profession is a true art and is not one of the easiest.
Our family business model works perfectly. We understand each other without words, have complete trust in one another, and share our knowledge, allowing only those who share the same values into our circle of trust: putting the customer's well-being above all, respecting their property, and being dedicated to the work we do. Thanks to this, we can help hundreds of customers each year, taking responsibility for their carpets and furniture.
By choosing us, you won't be disappointed and will receive the best our industry has to offer: the latest equipment, advanced chemical solutions, and people who use them with passion.
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